Important note- if you're a member of The ASPP MySpace group then you still have to submit your info to me anyway because this site is better than the group thing...

members of The ASPP

  1. Bethany K; God, England.
  2. Boe, England.
  3. Chantal ST, England.
  4. Grace W; Co-founder, England.
  5. Lucy K; Special Person, England.
  6. Liz B; Special Person, Belgium.
  7. Sophie H, England.
  8. Ruby R, England.
  9. Kayla H, England.
  10. Vicki, England.
  11. Gabrielle R, England.
  12. Kirsty, England.
  13. Chloe T, England.
  14. Liz G, England.
  15. Jimflim, England.
  16. Jack B, England.
  17. Annelien V, Belgium.
  18. Laetitia R, France.
  19. Misha MN, England.

As you can see, The ASPP is exclusively based in England, Belgium and France. God would like people from other countries as well, please.

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