a short history of The ASPP

The Apple Sticker Political Party was started by Bethany King (God) and Grace Whiteside (God's sidekick) on the train from Brighton to Seaford at about 3:35pm, in what was most likely May. I ate an apple on the train every day on the way home from school and would stick the apple sticker on the window and it all just evolved from that really.
The ASPP started dying sometime during the summer of 2006, and it's official death was most likely when god and Grace stopped being friends. However, The Second Coming of The ASPP is nigh, and what with god going off to college, there's bound to be plenty of followers willing to help out.

the site

The official ASPP site (which is this one, FYI) was started by Bethany (me) over a year ago now. I made the layout[s] and any other graphics you may see floating around, unless it says they were actually made by someone else.

The Second Coming Of The ASPP

Kind of like the second coming of Jesus, which still hasn't happened yet.
Basically, it's god seeing if The ASPP still has It.
All shiz copyright © The ASPP 2005-2007, yeah?
Layout pic from Ode To Azia, brushes from Digital Bristle and At0mica.